Snowplow Safety Tips for Passenger Vehicles and Other Drivers

In Montana, winter is synonymous with snowplows! Drivers need to keep a few points in mind to be safe around plows. Snowplow drivers are often driving in limited visibility. This is certainly true if it’s still snowing. They are doing a dangerous but incredibly important job. Drive defensively and give them room. Snowplows typically travel at speeds slower than most traffic, especially while plowing. Although this may make you impatient, driving a safe distance behind them is necessary. While we are familiar with seeing county snowplows on the roads and highways, remember private snowplow companies are in parking lots and driveways as well. Though most work is preferably done at night, Mother Nature sometimes forgets to cooperate, thus requiring the need to clear snow during the day. This is being done for your safety and convenience so extending the driver some grace while they’re working is helpful. Parking lots offer additional challenges as the plow trucks will need to back up frequently. Whether driving or walking, remember to stay a safe distance away from them. Please watch for flashing lights and don’t assume they see you. Although it is their job to be safe it’s also your job to be prudent. Safety and sensibility from both parties saves lives.