Pro Sweep Plus knows that first impressions matter.

Your parking lot serves as a first impression for all visitors. Maintaining a clean lot not only helps contribute to business success and customer satisfaction, but also protects the investment in your facility. Sweeping extends the life of pavement. Dirt, sand, debris, and rocks shorten the life of asphalt, sealcoating and striping. Sweeping helps discourage littering, deters rodents, and can help avoid lawsuits stemming from injuries in the lot.

Sweeping Services:

Pro Sweep maintains a large fleet of equipment which enables us to service parking lots, construction sites, industrial and manufacturing complexes, highways, homeowner association areas, hospitals, malls and airports. Services can be one time, monthly, weekly or daily to suit the needs of the client.


All of our equipment falls under the Missoula City Noise Compliance levels so sweeping can be performed at night. This enables work to be completed when customers and cars are least likely to be in the parking lots.

  • Tymco 435 Regenerative Air Sweeper Truck
  • Tymco 210 Regenerative Air Sweeper Truck
  • Water TruckPressure Washer
  • Billy Goat Walk Behind Blowers
  • Kick Broom
  • Backpack Blowers
  • Hand Blowers
  • Brooms!


Time? – sweeping can be done at night when lots are empty because all of our equipment falls under the Missoula City Noise Compliance.
Benefits? – sweeping provides a clean first impression of your business and deters littering.
Cost? – sweeping extends the life of pavement and helps to protect your investment.

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