Humble Beginnings

Joe and Traci Baumgardner started Pro Sweep in 2001 with a single sweeper truck. The business grew and expanded exponentially. Additional services such as mowing, fertilizing, irrigation, arboriculture, pressure washing, snowplowing, and asphalt repair enabled Pro Sweep to manage maintenance needs on commercial properties. In 2018, Pro Sweep Plus was sold to a family from Florida. However, in December 2019, Joe and Traci resumed ownership of the business. With new energy and excitement, many changes were implemented. The original logo was replaced with a fresh, modern look and a nod to the new direction of becoming PSP instead of Pro Sweep Plus. Current employees took on new positions .  Zach Baumgardner moved into the Vice President position. As the son of the Baumgardner’s, Zach has been working in the business since he was 6! Becoming the vice president was a natural move for him. He knows the business as well as Joe. Two employees took on managerial roles and the footprint was expanded for new growth. The newest service addition is concrete lifting, which raises sunken concrete using poly foam injection. On February 5th, PSP acquired a new, huge warehouse with 7 acres of property. Massive growth is on the horizon! Stay tuned for more exciting changes and services during PSP Phase 2!

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