‘Tis the season to winterize sprinklers!

Irrigation Blow Outs

Why it’s important:

When water freezes, it expands. Expanding water can put undue pressure on your irrigation system which can lead to cracking or damaged pipes and sprinkler heads. Damaged or leaking underground pipes are expensive to repair as they require excavating, replacement and then ground cover restoration. Broken sprinkler heads may cause water to pool around your home, driveway, or sidewalks which can cause further damage or safety hazards.  

 Avoid those unnecessary issues by winterizing before the first hard freeze! It is recommended that you have a trusted professional blow-out the sprinklers before the temperatures fall to or below 28 degrees Fahrenheit.  

How it works:  

The irrigation system is hooked up to an air compressor which blows all the water out of the lines. There are safety risks involved and this process must be carefully conducted so that there is no damage to the sprinkler system.  Most lawn care companies offer this service. Call to get your fall blow-out scheduled today!