Pro Sweep Plus

About Us

From humble beginnings, JZ Contracting was founded in 2001 with the original vision being excavation. An existing snowplow customer inquired about sweeping services to remove the gravel from his parking lot and we began doing business as Pro Sweep which quickly lead to Pro Sweep Plus.

It was a natural evolution and the desire to accommodate the customers every need that lead to mowing, shrub trimming, fertilizing, irrigation repair and pressure washing. Seal coat and striping were added not long afterward.

In-house servicing enabled us to provide prompt attention with maximal regard to quality. Our personnel were already onsite so they were the first line of defense to additional needs of the client.

Our founder, Joe Baumgardner, developed yearly contracts specialized to the particular and exact needs of the client. This allows them an a’ la carte maintenance plan specifically tailored to their needs and budget.

We are convenient by design.

Additional services are continuously added as the need arises.

Our personnel are encouraged to attend continuing education opportunities. We have licensed pesticide applicators and certified arborists on staff.

In 2015, a state of the art infrared asphalt truck was added to the myriad of services. The truck is a self contained asphalt repair system that conquers pot holes and asphalt repairs with ease.

At Pro Sweep Plus, we accept the challenge of any maintenance issue you encounter.

Looking for a free estimate? Call us to set up an appointment at 406-721-3665.